Bat Yam - Israel

A boutique store that combines a large number of brands, the challenge is to give a platform to each brand, But at the same time maintain a uniform design language in a national fashion store.


The store underwent a transformation from two separate spaces with different entrances, into one large and open space.


Iron pipe construction wraps the walls of the space and creates a grid that repeats itself and integrates in different variations, whereas the shadow completes the grid of the pipes on the walls.

The display facilities have been designed in a modular way that allows changing the display of items in the space, can be exchanged between hanging and shelving.


In the center of the store, a sofa was designed for customers, which is also used for storage and creates a circular flow that fits in with the circle of pipes in the center of the store.


The front of the display window was designed in floating frames with display shelves and mannequin, through which you can see the inside of the store.